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Review: A Timeless Romance Anthology.

A timeless Romance Anthology- Silver Bells Collection. - Becca Wilhite, Lu Ann Brobst Staheli,  Lucinda Brant,  Heather B. Moore,  Annette Lyon,  Sarah M. Eden




    Christmas is a time of miracles and a time of love. And when Six amazing authors join together, it becomes the perfect treat for the readers. These authors bring their short and romantic historical stories in “A Timeless Romance Anthology- Silver Bells”.


  A Fairy Christmas (Lucinda Brant):  England,1767. This story was a little slow for me, but overall had a very sweet and happy effect. I liked how Kitty is a hopeful person and her love for Tom Allenby is very sweet. They are smart and don’t rush things like many new-age couples and wait to understand each other first.


  A Christmas Promise (Sarah M. Eden): Late 1820’s- This is one of my favorite story. I liked that Maeve, a sister of two annoying brothers, is an independent women with an air of authority and Sean and Maeve are perfect for each other, especially when they confess their love on Christmas. This story shows that how one mistake and a one wrong turn can completely change your life, especially when that change is good.


  Twelve Months (Heather B. Moore): England, 1907-This was a beautiful story with the proof that miracles happen. After having bad luck twice in a love, Cora is not planning to fall in love again. But when her late husband’s best-friend Lucien cares for her and (for her husband’s last wish) proposes her, she was not expecting the love and a happy ending in her life. It’s a charming story that starts with being friends/companions and ending with the marriage.


  A Fezziwig Christmas (LuAnn Brobst Staheli): London, 1790-For me, this book was a little frustrating. I liked the story but the heroine, Pricilla was a little slow to understand the love of Dick for her. I like how Dick even when being poor kept the hope that Pricilla will love him back until he got her and her parents’ permission to court her. Finally the end was happy and perfect.


  A Taste of Home (Annette Lyon): 1913-This is the sweetest story of two childhood enemies becoming lovers when they get older. Due to some reasons, Claire and Will can’t go home and decide to spend the Christmas together. The efforts of Will to make Claire happy are very cute and make you wish you had someone like him, who would care for you and your wishes and make the Christmas day special.


  My Modern Girl (Becca Wilhite): 1924-A beautiful story of a girl Margie, who is trying to fit in the modern city away from her family and friends, and her journey to the realization that she is in love with a man she left behind in her home town. The cute way they stay in touch with letters and how Henry is the perfect guy, she dreamt about. The sweet Christmas story including silver bulbs with heart shaped hooks.


     Over all, it is a perfect Christmas package, with the best writers and amazing and enchanting stories to have on the Christmas Eve.