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Love By Design BY Evie Knight.



  It was my first time reading this Evie Knight’s novel. When I got this book, I expected the same old typical love story with too much drama and love scenes and no plot.

But honestly, this book took me by surprise and was totally worth my time. With a sweet and easy flowing story, the plot was continuous and without any confusions and breaks. Evie lets the readers enter the world of love, break-ups, struggles, fashion and betrayal.


 “Love by Design” is a romantic novel with two main characters, Amanda and Tristan. Amanda is an ambitious woman who dreams about becoming a famous shoe designer and Tristan is an owner of a famous cupcake shop and is scared of commitment. Their meeting, their attraction and chemistry, and their growing love suck the reader in till the end of the book. With a Villain and friends, the plot of their love story unfolds slowly and gradually.


  I kind of loved the scenes that included cupcakes and temptations, which will not only arouse your sense of taste but will actually satisfy all your other senses and make your mouth water.


  With a little drama and action, A little tragedy and fun and all those beautiful shoes design. You are going to love our hero and heroine and their mental struggle to forget the past and to move forward. They teach you that love can conquer all no matter what is on stake. Because you will get a lot of opportunities for jobs and career choices but you will find love only once.


  *And another Plus point, the cover is pretty, sweet and sexy.


  I will recommend this book to all the romantics and the dreamers out there. It is a must read for all the readers. I will give it a 5 star.


   The author has done a fantabulous job in giving the shape to the story and i will look forward to more of her books.