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Swipe: Thief Heroes in Historical Romance

The Scoundrel - Claire Delacroix Stolen Charms - Adele Ashworth Prince of Swords - Anne Stuart Always a Princess - Alice Gaines My Favorite Thief - Karyn Monk After the Scandal - Elizabeth Essex Your Scandalous Ways - Loretta Chase Lady of Desire - Gaelen Foley Improper Gentlemen - Diane Whiteside, Mia Marlowe, Maggie Robinson A Wicked Liaison - Christine Merrill
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A man looks sexy in black. Thief wear. Here are some wonderful Historical Romance Heroes who are thieves. 


Highwaymen and Pirates have their own lists.




1. A Wicked Liaison by Christine Merrill  Government Thief

2. Improper Gentlemen by Maggie Robinson Ex Pickpocket

3. Lady of Desire by Gaelen Foley Leader of a Band of Thieves

4. Your Scandalous Ways by Loretta Chase  Thief 

5. After the Scandal by Elizabeth Essex Thief

6. My Favorite Thief by Karyn Monk Jewel Thief

7. Always a Princess by Alice Gaines Jewel Thief

8. Prince of Swords by Anne Stuart Cat Burglar

9. Stolen Charms by Adele Ashworth Robin Hood Type

10. The Scoundrel by Claire Delacroix Thief


Did I leave off your favorite Historical Romance Thief Hero? Let me know!


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To vote for the best of the best of the Historical Romance Thief Hero, go to my Goodreads list:  Swipe: Thief Heroes in Historical Romance


For fun, visit my Pinterest board,: Stop, Thief!, to see thieves of all kinds from film and romance.